I consider every cookbook a personal project, but this memoir about  PAULA WOLFERT is especially important. Paula is one of my long time heroes - an immersive food adventurer and  author whose life I aspire to.  When I was assigned to photograph the story about her Alzheimer's diagnosis, I was as heart broken by the news as I was thrilled to work with her. During the shoot, writer Emily Thelin and I hatched the idea to make a cookbook-memoir of Paula's incredible life. When mainstream publishers passed on our proposal, we led a successful Kickstarter campaign - 1000 backers gave $91,000 - to self-publish UNFORGETTABLE. We released the book in April 2017 and were rewarded with rave reviews in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bon Apetit, and Lucky Peach. The book is in its third printing.

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